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IMS 5 Date & Time

9 October 2015
@2:00 pm

IMS 5 Location

68700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero
Cathedral City, CA 92234, USA

The 5th annual west-coast music summit

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Interfusion - (In`ter`fuĀ“sion); to mix, fuse together, blend, mingle. Where artists, producers and DJs come together and perform in the desert. The Interfusion Music Summit is an annual 2-day event for recording artists, DJs, music producers, record labels, distributors, promoters music industry professionals and their fans. If you're an industry professional, CLICK HERE to see just some of the benefits of IMS 5!

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IMS presents:"RISE"

The main event!


International DJs!


The 5th annual Interfusion Music Summit is coming. Industry professionals, Artists and DJs from all over the world come together for a 3-hour symposium on Friday Oct 9th and then on Saturday Oct 10th IMS presents a live dance concert for the public called RISE! Join us in the Palm Springs desert area for an amazing music industry event in 2015. This will be broadcast live on national TV! JOIN US!! Saturday's event 'RISE' IS ALL NEW INCLUDING: EXTENDED HOURS UNTIL 2 AM! LARGER CONCERT GROUNDS! VIP AREAS WITH BAR! FOOD TRUCKS! MAKE THIS A WEEKEND EVENT!!

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IMS Keynote Speakers

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This is an event where industry professionals get together and discuss all aspects of the music industry. What's working, what's not. Saturday's a public event where thousands descend upon the Palm Springs desert area for a weekend of amazing music and fun. All aspects of this 2-day event are broadcast live on YouTube and Interfusion TV.

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Thanks fo the generosity of our presenting sponsor (the city of Cathedral City), public tickets are available for FREE!


This year we have some special additions to IMS which includes gourmet food trucks and a VIP area with alcohol and beer sales. Our other Under-21 VIP area and water and soda sales!


This year there is no issue with parking. Get free parking in the City's 3-level covered parking area. We will also have a special Uber drop-off and pick-up area along with Taxi zone!


IMS 5 has made arrangements with The City of Cathedral City to have a larger concert area, larger 'Chill Zone', larger outdoor expo and much more! Main event goes on until 2 AM!

IMS Resources

This section has all the information you need to know about IMS 5. If you have any other questions that may not be on this section, please be sure to contact us using the "contact" link on the top menu.

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We have a complete map of the IMS 5 location. Check out the all-new expanded IMS5 layout

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There's two ways to join the IMS 5 revolution; as a fan or as a industry professional. Both ways include individuals that are willing to have a great time and an amazing experience with no attitude. IMS 5 is for those that love dance music. For those that live for dance. For those that want to experience and mingle with some of today's top EDM professionals. That's what IMS 5 is all about.


Thanks to the gererosity of The City of Cathedral City; IMS 5 will be making ticket available for free. Here are the ticket structures:

  • Public standard public attendance ticket FREE.
  • Public adult VIP ticket (for VIP areas at event) $10.
  • Public under 18 VIP ticket (for separate VIP areas) $10.
  • Industry standard 3-day attendance tickets FREE.
  • Industry VIP tickets for special parties and events FREE (requires registration)


For the first time, IMS 5 is opening up the hotel option to all attendees to any hotel in the Cathedral City area. In the past, we were requiring industry professionals to stay at the official IMS host hotel. We've changed that this year.

Now, all industry professionals, attendees and fans can stay at any of the amazing hotels in Catheral City. We welcome you to review the list of recommended hotels we have for you. Please make sure to book your rooms early to be all set for IMS 5.



Parking is not an issue. As a matter of fact there is plenty of parking for this event. Thanks to The City of Cathedral City; we have free parking available to all IMS 5 attendees. This includes 3-level covered parking structure..

For the first time, IMS 5 is going to offer a special area (at the event) for Uber drop-off and pick-ups. Now you don't have to worry about parking and walking. Just use Uber and get dropped off/picked up extremely close to the event.

Dress Code

Many attendees from out of the area don't realize that it's still hot in October, in the Coachella Valley. It's important to remember that when packing those clothes for IMS 5

With that in mind, other than our Friday night VIP event; this is not a formal event. So feel free to wear tanks-n-tees. Friday night's VIP party we ask that all attendees dress appropriately because this is more of a formal event. The VIP party is not a public event and is a invitation-only party.

Food & Beverages

This is another first for IMS. This year we will have gourmet food trucks for the fans! The trucks will be inside the event grounds for you to take advantage of. Also surrounding the event area is fast food and other restaurants that are walking distance. So it's easy to walk over get your food and come right back.

Also new this year are two VIP lounge areas that include a full wet bar (in the adult VIP). This bar will be available all night at the main event. For the under-18 VIP area there will be a non-alcohol drink area with sodas and water.

Rules & Safety

The past Interfusion Music Summits have been amazing. The main reason is because we had a great fan base that enjoyed themselves with no issues. This year, we're expecting a much larger crowd which means that we're asking all to follow some very simple rules and guidelines:

  • Please leave your attitude at home.
  • Absolutey no alcohol can be brought into the event
  • The entire IMS 5 area is a no drug zone. This includes pot
  • Any individual causing a disturbance will be immediately removed from event.
  • Leave you knives, bats, guns, rocks and weapons at home. Please don't bring them.


The City of Cathedral City is open for shopping!

  • While here, enjoy the many fine restaurants!
  • While here, enjoy the many fine retail stores!
  • While here, enjoy the many fine attractions!
  • While here, enjoy the many outdoor activities!
  • While here, enjoy the wonderful City of Cathedral City!



Industry Trade Show Booth Space

Industry professionals, labels, sponsors and artists can get a trade show booth space for the weekend. Space includes electicity. You must bring own table, chairs and canopy.

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It's time for you to get involved and be a part of IMS 5. Join this amazing family of fans, industry professionals and organizations that come together for 3-days for this special event. It's time for the 2015 Interfusion Music Summit!


Public attendees

As stated before, The City of Cathedral City has made it possible for us to offer tickets at 1/2 price until July 1st!

$30. FREE!!


Industry profressionals

As stated before, The City of Cathedral City has made it possible for us to offer tickets for FREE!

$48. FREE!!


Companies & Labels

This is for a basic sponsorship listing. You can also review larger sponsorship packages.

$199. $99.


Thank You to IMS Sponsors

See all our sponsors or get sponsorship information here

Lineup 2015

Here are some of the events planned for IMS 5. Click on any of the event images for more information.

About IMS5

IMS brings together the family of recording artists, bands, music remixers, DJs, labels and producers. IMS will help any artist expand their music niche by networking with DJs, other artists, labels, producers and industry professionals. This includes marketing yourself, promotions and getting those songs on the radio. This is a must-attend for any recording artist, band or DJ! This is NOT a sales seminar and we do not sell anything throughout this event.

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Event Location

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    68700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero
    Cathedral City, CA 92234, USA
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