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Interfusion Music Summit

Cathedral City, California
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gift bags for all attendees IMS 2014 djcaa dj certifications IMS 2014 clubhits.fm your songs on radio IMS 2014 new network get on live tv IMS 2014 keynote stay tuned! IMS 2014 headliner stay tuned! IMS 2014 gignewton get gigs! IMS 2014 pnn radio get your songs on radio IMS 2014 1 on 1 network with the pros! IMS 2014 networking roundtables that work IMS 2014 performance Live local concert IMS 2014 connections take BIG steps forward! IMS 2014


Single All-Access VIP 3-day pass $24.
Label All-access VIP 3-day pass (up to 7 people) $99.
100% of ticket sale goes to Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City
100% of ticket sale goes to Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City

The 4th Annual Event

IMS brings together the family of recording artists, bands, music remixers, DJs, labels and producers. IMS will help any artist expand their music niche into the popular dance, EDM, house, techno music genres by networking with DJs, other artists, labels, producers and industry professionals. This includes marketing yourself, promotions and getting those songs on the radio. This is a must-attend for any recording artist, band or DJ! This is NOT a sales seminar and we do not sell anything throughout this event.

Networking and hangin' out with the industry

Interfusion - (In`ter`fu´sion); to mix, fuse together, blend, mingle. Where artists, bands and DJs come together and perform in the desert.The Interfusion Music Summit is an annual 3-day event for recording artists, DJs, music producers, record labels, distributors, promoters and other music industry members.

The music industry has been struggling in the past few years. CD sales are gone and music has almost become disposable. IMS has been put in place to help you revive your career through direct marketing, promotions and advertising to specific music fans/audience. We help you come up with new ways to market, promote and refresh your talent. IMS is about learning from each other, networking with each other and jammin' with each other.

This year's event broadcast live nationwide!
This year's summit will be broadcast live on the all-new Interfusion Television Network which is on the ROKU Netflix box, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Chrome TV, Apple TV, online, mobile and more.

“We’re very excited that we were able to make this happen at this year’s event”, said IMS co-producer Allen Edwards. “This gives us an opportunity to bring this event to another level”. There are millions of viewers on all these new TV outlets. Viewers will be able to see every performance and enjoy virtual front row seats at this year’s IMS Concert In The Square.

“Viewers will also be able to watch behind the scenes, live as it happens”, said Edwards. “We’ll have multiple cameras throughout the event which will feed amazing live footage all weekend long”.




Take 2-minutes to learn all about IMS 2014

Interfusion Music Summit is all about YOU. Take 2-minutes to listen on how you can get involved and be a big part of this amazing event! (if the lower audio player is on, just put it on pause then start the above player to get this party started).

IMS stats

IMS in a nutshell

Dance EDM industry comes to the west coast

IMS is happening this October 10th - 12th 2014. IMS is about performing in the desert. It's about getting artists, bands and DJs together and performing at the beautiful Town Square in Cathedral City. The previous IMS events have been amazing. Talent from all over the world came together and put on one amazing weekend concert. This year, you can be a part of this magical event. We've also added the "Performing Smart" workshop. It's a must to attend!

Interfusion Music Summit
69151 East Canyon Dr., Cathedral City, CA
+1 (760) 896-4238 PHONE
+1 (760) 406-4880 FAX

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